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19/08/2018 International


07/2018: Donation to the Berlin water police

SOMNOmedics has actively supported the Berlin police with a donation of sonar technology. Thanks to the two new sets of equipment, objects in the water can now be located quickly and safely. The new equipment was handed over to the water police on 13th July 2018 in Berlin and is immediately ready for use after training for the police divers. We wish you a lot of success with the new technology!

06/2018: Sales training for SOMNOmedics staff in Leutasch

Out of the office and into the mountains – that’s what was on plan for SOMNOmedics national and international sales team. For a sales training in the Austrian training center in the Leutasch, they exchanged the desk chair for the hiking boots for a long weekend.

Since our products can only be as good as customer advice, a product training course on SOMNO ™ HD was on the program on Friday. Together with our product management, sales people worked out the unique selling points and sales arguments that set the SOMNO ™ HD apart from the competition. Excellent signal quality and wireless sensors were addressed as well as the high user-friendliness thanks to the high-resolution touch screen and Intelligent Connect technology.

Conversational skills in a sales talk were on topic on Saturday morning. The target is to be sure that  all requests of the customer are queried and the conversation is set up sensibly. Dr. Küchler provided employees with arguments, valuable tips and examples.

As soon as the training part was over on Saturday afternoon, the hiking boots were laced up and the sales team was off hiking to the Wetterstein Hut. On Sunday the employees were free to explore the surroundings of the Leutasch training center.

06/2018: SOMNOmedics participates at the Annual Eurpean Meeting on Hypertension and Cardiovascular Protection

SOMNOmedics again participated in the 28. Annual Eurpean Meeting on Hypertension and Cardiovascular Protection organized by the European Society of Hypertension. From 8.-11. June, the participants were working on the progresses and new insights in Cardiology and Hypertension as well as got informed about the latest developments in medical devices and methods.

Not only at our busy SOMNOmedics booth the visitors of the annual meeting were able to discuss our sophisticated solutions for continuous long term blood pressure measurement without cuff, SOMNOmedics has repeatedly also been part of the scientific program: during a Hands-On Session, interested participants could get a glimpse into our latest product development, which allows to combine the established cuff-based method with the advantages of continuous non-invasive measurement using the PTT. Find out more soon on our website!

02/2018 Diagnostic utility of a nasal/oral cannula with linearized pressure flow in comparison to AASM recommended combination of thermal and nasal pressure sensor


G. Küchler, I. Fietze, M. Partinen, H. Hein, R. Warmuth, P. Jennum
ERS 2017, Poster

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01/2018 Workshop "Scoring according to AASM rules"

On January 12th and 13th, SOMNOmedics GmbH welcomed more than 100 interested professionals and physicians from Asia, the Middle East and Australia to the workshop "Scoring according to AASM rules". The event was not held in Randersacker, but in the Thai capital Bangkok.

A big thank you to our workshop trainers Dr. Prapun Kittivoravitkul (Phramongkutklao Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand), Julia Sarmiento (SOMNOmedics America) as well as Beate Wiesen, Linda Bauer and Verena Dreitz (all SOMNOmedics Germany) for the high quality of the professional contributions and the structuring of the workshop. We would also like to thank our participants for the interesting discussions and conversations.

Due to the positive feedback a repetition is not excluded.

11/2016: International Sales Meeting - Where we are - where to go

From the 12th to 13th of November 2016 our international dealers and SOMNOmedics employees from all over the world came together for the annual sales meeting in Randersacker. In addition to information on the company's development and new products, there was also a lively exchange among the participants.

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10/2017: Study on Apnea related Nocturnal Blood Pressure Fluctuations (NBPFs) and Superposition of the Systolic Blood Pressure (SBP)

Recently, a study in cooperation with Prof. Patzak, Charité, Berlin, was published in the journal “Sleep and Breathing”. By using the patented, continuous and non-reactive PTT method, novel patterns of SPB behavior during apneic periods could be observed. It was shown that patients with severe OSAS (Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome) have periods of NBPFs, which go along with increases of the SBP baseline, called superposition of SBP. The rise of the SBP baseline in combination with increased amplitudes of NBPFs causes extremely high SBP, which implies a high risk for nocturnal cardiovascular events in OSA patients.

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 The final publication is available at

08/2016: Software-News DOMINO 2.8.0

The latest DOMINO version 2.8.0 comes with a handful of new features, allowing a high quality and user-friendly collection and analysis of both the ambulatory PG and the stationary PSG recordings with the SOMNOscreen™, SOMNOscreen™ plus and the new device SOMNO HD™.

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04/2016: Study on Nocturnal Blood Pressure in Restless Legs Syndrome

The magazine Sleep & Breathing published a study by M. Partinen und M. Sieminski that investigates if the Nocturnal systolic blood pressure is increased in restless legs syndrome. The study has been performed with the SOMNOscreen™ plus that recorded the continuous blood pressure during a polysomnography.

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10/2015: Validation of the SOMNOtouch NIBP and continuous Blood Pressure Measurement with PTT according to the ESH International Protocol 

Published in the October issue of the Journal Blood Pressure Monitoring (Vol. 20, S. 291-294). 

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09/2015: SOMNOmedics is 15!

With a big celebration with employees, customers and business partners the SOMNOmedics GmbH celebrated its 15th anniversary in September 2015. At the same time the festival was also the occasion for the inauguration of the new company building.

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08/2015: SOMNOtouch RESP and NIBP are now available in 2 colors for choice

For more information on the SOMNOtouch™ RESP please click here
For more information on the SOMNOtouch™ NIBP please click here

07/2015: News about the new DOMINO 2.7.0 Software

The new DOMINO Software Version 2.7.0 contains a number of new analyzes and functions. For all news at a glance, see the software news.

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04/2015: Stanford University, USA, launches study including SOMNOmedics' diagnostic devices on Sleep Lab of the Future

The practice of medicine is currently undergoing a transformation to become more efficient, cost-effective, and patient centered in its delivery of care. The aim of this article is to stimulate discussion within the sleep medicine community in addressing these needs by our approach as well as other approaches to sleep medicine care. The primary goals of the Sustainable Methods, Algorithms, and Research Tools for Delivering Optimal Care Study (SMART DOCS) are: (1) to introduce a new Patient-Centered Outcomes and Coordinated-Care Management (PCCM) approach for the future practice of sleep medicine, and (2) to test the PCCM approach against a Conventional Diagnostic and Treatment Outpatient Medical Care (CONV) approach. The study will use SOMNOtouch RESP and NIBP devices and will include more then 1,500 patients under the supervision of Clete Kushida, MD, PhD.

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04/2015: Validation of the SOMNOtouch NIBP and the continuous blood pressure measurement according to the International Protocol of the ESH will be published in the Journal Blood Pressure Monitoring

The SOMNOtouch NIBP has been validated as a device for non-invasive continuous blood pressure measurement according to the strict guidelines of the ESH International Protocol by the Istituto Auxologico Italiano of Milan. This validation study was carried out under the direction of Prof. Dr. Gianfranco Parati. The study is published in the Journal Blood Pressure Monitoring. 

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04/2015:  Journal Blood Pressure publishes a validation of the continuous blood pressure measurement using the PTT versus intra-arterial measurement 

Patzak A, Mendoza Y, Gesche H, Konermann M: Continuous blood pressure measurement using the pulse transit time: Comparison to intra-arterial measurement
Will be published in the next issue of Blood Pressure Monitoring

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03 / 2015: Sleep Review presents the SOMNOtouch RESP

The journal for Sleep Specialists "Sleep Review" presents the SOMNOtouch RESP for Home Sleep Testing on it's website

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01 / 2015: Study on the Validation of the 1 channel EEG for Sleep Scoring

The Journal Physiological Measurement published the Paper "Actigraphy combined with EEG compared to Polysomnography in Sleep Apnea Patients" for Validation of the 1 channel EEG.

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08/2014: New sensors for SOMNOtouch™ available

The new sensors extend the range of products available for SOMNOtouch™ RESP and SOMNOtouch™ NIBP. 

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08/2014: News on the latest DOMINO light Software 1.4.0 

The latest DOMINO light software version 1.4.0 comes with a handful of new analyses and features. All news put into a nutshell can be found in our Software News.

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08/2014: New DOMINO light Software 1.4.0 available for download

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07/ 2014: Study on Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) in Children with Down Syndrome is starting in England

In England, a study is launched, that investigates on OSA in children with Down Syndrome. The measurements on the little patients are performed ambulatory at the childrens home with the SOMNOtouch RESP

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06/2014: SOMNOtouch NIBP and continuous blood pressure measurement via PTT (Pulse Transit Time) valdidated according to ESH International Protocol

SOMNOtouch NIBP is validated according to the strict regulations of the ESH International Protocol as an ambulatory noninvasive blood pressure monitor through a study performed by the Milan Istituto Auxologico Italiano under the guidance of the renowned Prof. Dr. Gianfranco Parati. The results have been presented to the public during the ESH Annual Congress in Athens by Dr. Grzegorz Bilo. This study represents one of the biggest breakthroughs in SOMNOmedics mission for acceptance of the PTT method for continuous blood pressure measurement.

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06/2014: Annual Congress of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH)

This year annual congress of the European Society of Hypertension turned out to be one of the most successful shows in our history. Every seat was taken in a scientific session under the chair of Prof. Dr. Gianfranco Parati, discussing the continuous nocturnal blood pressure measurement via the Pulse Transit Time. Together with the presentation of the study that validates the SOMNOtouch NIBP and the continuous blood pressure measurement according to the ESH International Protocol, this ensured that the interest in our SOMNOmedics devices for blood pressure measurement reached some new heights.

10/2013: New Software Version DOMINO light 1.3.0 available for download

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07/2013: Article in german Journal Somnologie: Continuous blood pressure measurement using pulse transit time

A. Hennig, A. Patzak, Somnologie 2013. 17:104-110

The Review gives a short overview about cuff-based methods and methods for continuous and non-invasive BP measurement with a focus on sleep. The emphasize of this review is on the indirect measurement of BP using the pulse transit time.

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06/2013: SOMNOmedics attending the APSS SLEEP 2013 show in Baltimore

During this years APSS SLEEP show 2013 SOMNOmedics showed its presence in the market and was able to get in contact with both existing as well as new customers. After the show hours it was a pleasure for the SOMNOmedics team to meet Prof. William C. Dement.


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02/2013: Festive Opening of Sleep Lab in Würzburg - Equipped by SOMNOmedics

Unpleasant, long waiting times for a sleep lab recording are an annoyance for the past for patients living in Würzburg and the surrounding area now: The ENT joint practice Dr. Bernhard Roth and Dr. Tim Stelzer has opened a new sleep lab.

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02/2013: New DOMINO Software 2.6.0 is available for download.

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01/2013: Danish Glostrup Hospital decides for SOMNOmedics

The internationally renowned Glostrup Hospital near Copenhagen in Denmark has decided for SOMNOmedics devices as the new equipment of the departments for ambulatory screenings and polygrahpy in the Danish Sleep Center for Sleep Medicine.

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01/2013: New bags for SOMNOscreen plus

We have new bags for SOMNOscreen plus available since January 2013. The new models are not only more handy and compact but also more comfortable for the patients to carry, when they take the screener home for ambulatory recordings.

12/2012: On our own behalf: Buyers beware! SOMNOmedics devices from private sellers in circulation

From time to time, SOMNOmedics is informed that some of our products are being privately resold. While SOMNOmedics stands by its products and manufacturer’s warranties, we are not responsible for the possible misuse of our products by those private vendors which may make affect the validity of our warranties. Buyers beware! If you have any questions or want to research on this further, please do not hesitate to contact us.

08/2012: SOMNOscreen plus with built-in data transmitter

The new generation of the SOMNOscreen plus is a convincing choice not only because of the new and modern color design in fresh white, but primarily because of the built-in data transmitter in the main device. This allows a fast, secure and easy signal check directly at the patient’s bedside using a tablet PC. Thanks to the optimized energy consumption the recording duration of the SOMNOscreen plus is now 30% longer, which allows you still more flexibility in daily handling. Installation of the SOMNOscreen with the new built in data transmitter is really simple, just using the LAN-connection. Keeping the SOMNOscreen sensors of the different generation compatible to each other goes without saying.

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07/2012: SOMNOmedics installs 10 SOMNOscreen™ plus in Thailand’s biggest Sleep Lab

SOMNOmedics is pleased to announce that the internationally renowned Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok has chosen SOMNOmedics’ SOMNOscreen™ plus PSG system with the EEG 10-20 headbox and the EEG 32 headbox for full polysomnography, advanced neurological diagnostics and long-term EEG measurements.

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06/2012: APSS and SOMNOmedics Dinner Event

For this years SOMNOmedics Dinner Event during the SLEEP 2012 around 20 of SOMNOmedics customers and interested SLEEP attendees joined our team for a dinner and discussions on the SOMNOmedics products and methods. Along with our other guests we were very happy to welcome one of the luminaries in sleep medicine and the pioneer in sleep apnea diagnosis, Christian Guilleminault.
In 2012 we focused on SOMNOmedics innovative and patented method of continuous, non-reactive and non-invasive blood pressure recording.

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12/2011: New Domino Release 2.5 is available at the download area.

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09/2011: SOMNOmedics SalesMeeting 2011 a huge success

At the SalesMeeting 2011 that was held right before the ERS congress in Amsterdam the SOMNOmedics distributors from all over the world got the lastest information on new products and software

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06/2011: Product Discontinuation Notification of SOMNOscreen line, starting 1st July 2011

Successor model SOMNOscreen plus (turquoise) will still be available / Orders of the SOMNOscreen can be placed by April 30, 2012 at the latest

Product Discontinuation Notification

02/2011: New Domino Release 2.4.0 is available at the download area.

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01/2011: Bloomberg TV

Video about the use of SOMNOscreen plus for patients suffering from stress and burnout in the Clinic Such in Switzerland.

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05/2010: New Domino Release 2.3.0 is available at the download area.

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11/2009: SOMNOmedics symposium on „Continuous, non-invasive blood pressure measurement"

We have used this years DGSM conference to host a symposium taking a close look at the relevance of continuous, non-invasive blood pressure measurements. We were pleased to welcome numerous participants in Leipzig on 13th November. After a brief reception the topical talks were:

Blood pressure measurement during sleep
Dr. Gert Küchler

Continuous measurement of blood pressure in sleep apnoea patients
Prof. Dr. rer. physiol. Thomas Penzel


Clinical relevance of nocturnal blood pressure measurements
Dr. med. Holger Hein.

Following the talks, we treated our guests to a buffet and some musical diversion after a long and demanding conference day. We want to thank all guests and speakers for the successful symposium and a nice evening.

09/2009: New office opening in the US: SOMNOmedics America Inc.

This month we have opened a new office in Florida. A modern demo centre with four fully equipped beds represents an ideal demonstration of our applications to all customers. Furthermore, it acts as an excellent service point for the US. We are also very pleased by the addition of two new members to our US team in the departments Sales and Service.

Our contact details in Florida:
SOMNOmedics America Inc.
836 Ponce de Leon Blvd (Suite 203) Coral Gables
Florida 33134
Toll Free (866) 361-9937 (press * for fax)

07/2009: Recertification DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 13485:2007

Smooth and free of conditions – this describes our audit for the recertification DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 13485:2007. At the same time we could also renew the MDC certificate for Taiwan and the DIN EN ISO 13485 for the CMDCAS. All certificates are available to our dealers via the Service-Login.

07/2009: Workshop on “continuous, non-reactive blood pressure measurement” in Randersacker

In July, SOMNOmedics research partners from hospitals followed our invitation to participate in a workshop on “continuous, non-reactive blood pressure measurement”. In the centre of discussion were the most recent results of the validation studies on our patented method. We would like to thank all participants for their great interest and the open, scientific exchange.

01/2009: Polysomnography in pocket size (“Das Schalfmagazin” 01/2009)

With the smallest polysomnograph on the market SOMNOmedics delivers know-how and quality “made in Germany” and attracts attention – for example that of Dr. Roxanne Dossak from “Das Schlafmagazin”. At the beginning of 2009 she published a thorough article on SOMNOmedics and the person behind it, CEO Dr. Gert Küchler. See this link to get to the article.

12/2008: SOMNOmedics GmbH for “Youth and Industry” in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

As part of the project “Youth and Industry”, the young journalist Philipp Hartmannsgruber delved into the field of sleep disorders. For his article titled “All asleep, lonesomely wakes” he also paid a visit to SOMNOmedics GmbH.
The project is an initiative of the F.A.Z. and the Association of German Banks aiming to encourage young people to develop an interest in current topics and innovations in industry. See this link to get to the article.

11/2008: Poster award of the DGSM for Prof. Dr. Andreas Patzak from Humboldt-University Berlin, Charité

The poster on the topic “Measurement of arterial blood pressure using pulse transit time” (2008) was awarded the 2nd price in the poster competition of the German Sleep Society (DGSM). We are very pleased by this success and would like to congratulate Prof. Dr. Andreas Patzak of Charité!