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19/08/2018 International

Studies about Actigraphy

Performed with SOMNOwatch™ plus

Validation of the new actigraphy system SOMNOwatch™ for the measurement of periodic leg movements.

WASM 2nd World Congress on Sleep Medicine, Bangkok (Thailand), 2007

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Publication - Former Models (Ambulant Monitors)

Get mobile with CPAP - Increase of motor activity by day after CPAP-therapy of patients with obstructive sleep-apnea-syndrom (OSA)

DGSM 10th Annual Convention, Göttingen (Germany), 2002
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Digi Trac - A new possibility of tremor analysis in case of M. Parkinson

DGN 74th Convention, Aachen (Germany), 2001
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ActiTrac - Motion analysis for M. Parkinson

2nd Parkinson Convention, Bochum (Germany), 2001
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