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19/08/2018 International

Studies on Sleep Related Breathing Disorders

Performed with SOMNOscreen™ plus, SOMNOtouch RESP and SOMNOwatch™ plus


Prevalence of obstructive Sleep Apnea in young Children with Down Syndrome.

Poster presented during the ESRS Congress in Tallin, 2014

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Shifting of phase-angle for diagnostics of sleep-related breathing disorders

Deutscher Schlafkongress, Kassel (Deutschland), 2008
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The significance of the phase angle analysis for the portrayal of sleep related breathing disorders that require treatment.

DGP Convention, Mannheim (Germany), 2007

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Accuracy of the AASM-Level 3 Ambulatory Monitoring Device SOMNOscreen™ in unattended home measurements for Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB)?

WASM 2nd World Congress on Sleep Medicine, Bangkok (Thailand), 2007
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AASM standards of practice compliant validation of actigraphic sleep analysis from SOMNOwatch™ versus polysomnographic sleep diagnostics shows high conformity also among subjects with sleep disordered breathing

Physiological Measurement 31 (2010), S.1623-1633

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Hypertonia and Sleep Apnea

Internist Convention, Heringsdorf (Germany), 2004
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