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19/08/2018 International

Publication - SOMNOscreen™ plus


Diagnostic utility of a nasal/oral cannula with linearized pressure flow in comparison to AASM recommended combination of thermal and nasal pressure sensor

G. Küchler, I. Fietze, M. Partinen, H. Hein, R. Warmuth, P. Jennum
ERS 2017, Poster


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Nocturnal systolic blood pressure is increased in restless legs syndrome

M. Sieminski, M. Partinen. Sleep & Breathing, 03/2016
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Actigraphy combined with EEG compared to Polysomnography in Sleep Apnea Patients

I. Fietze, T. Penzel et al., Physiological Measurement, 2015
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Continuous blood pressure measurement using pulse transit time

A. Hennig, A. Patzak, Somnologie 2013. 17:104-110
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Effects of Dobutamin on a Pulse-Transit-Time based blood pressure determination in relation to intra-arterial standard

Mendoza Y., Konermann M., Hypertension 2011, Cologne
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Continuous blood pressure measurement by using the pulse transit time: comparison to a cuff-based method

European Journal of Applied Physiology, 2011
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Shifting of phase-angle for diagnostics of sleep-related breathing disorders

German Sleep Congress, Kassel (Germany), 2008
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Arousal-reaction and changes of body-position cause deviations of the 24h-RR-blood-pressure-records during sleep

Hypertension Congress, Bochum (Germany), 2007
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Accuracy of the AASM-Level 3 Ambulatory Monitoring Device SOMNOscreen™ in unattended home measurements for Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB)?

WASM 2nd World Congress on Sleep Medicine, Bangkok (Thailand), 2007
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EEG-studies about sleeping behaviour of horses

Institute for Animal Welfare, Ethologyand Animal Hygiene, LMU Munich
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Indirect measurement of arterial blood pressure using Pulse Transit Time (PTT)

International Congress "Hypertension and the kidney", Vienna (Austria), 2007
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The significance of the phase angle analysis for the portrayal of sleep related breathing disorders that require treatment.

DGP Convention, Mannheim (Germany), 2007

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Pragmatic simplification of the visual sleep evaluation?

Interdisciplinary center for sleep medicine of the clinic and policlinic for neurology, University Hospital Münster

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A new method for noninvasive blood pressure measurement using pulse transition time

DGSM, 2005
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Hypertonia and Sleep Apnea

Internist Convention, Heringsdorf (Germany), 2004
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