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19/08/2018 International

Validations on continuous, non-invasive Long Term Blood Pressure Measurement via PTT

A selection of validation studies and papers on the continuous, non-invasive and non-reactive blood pressure measurement using the pulse transit time (PTT). Based on the pulse transit time, the systolic and diastolic blood pressure is measured completely without cuff - beat to beat.

Validation of the PTT method and SOMNOtouch NIBP according to the ESH International Protocol by the European Society of Hypertension:

"Validation according to ESH International Protocol of Somnotouch NIBP, a device for noninvasive continuous blood pressure monitoring"

Presented during the annual congress of the European Society of Hypertension in Athens 2014, by Prof. Dr. Gianfranco Parati and Dr. Grezorz Bilo

Paper published in the Journal Blood Pressure Monitoring, 2015

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Nocturnal Blood Pressure Fluctuations measured by using pulse transit time in patients with severe obstructive sleep apnea syndrome

J. Gehring, H. Gesche et al., Sleep Breath. 2017 Aug 22. doi: 10.1007/s11325-017-1555-9

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The final publication is available at

Nocturnal systolic blood pressure is increased in restless legs syndrome

M. Sieminski, M. Partinen. Sleep & Breathing, 03/2016

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Continuous blood pressure measurement using the pulse transit time:

Comparison to intra-arterial measurement

A. Patzak, Y. Mendoza, H. Gesche, M. Konermann. Blood Pressure Monitoring, 2015. Status: In Press.

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Nocturnal Blood Pressure Fluctuations - a risk factor for heart attack and stroke during sleep

G. Küchler, H. Hein, I.  Fietze, Poster presented during the ESRS Congress, Tallin, 2014

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Folder Blood Pressure: An overview on the method, validations and applicability

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Continuous blood pressure measurement by using the pulse transit time: comparison to a cuff-based method

European Journal of Applied Physiology, 2011

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Continuous blood pressure measurement using pulse transit time

A. Hennig, A. Patzak, Somnologie 2013. 17:104-110

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Effect of nighttime aircraft noise exposure on endothelial function and stress hormone release in healthy adults

European Heart Journal, July 2013: F.P. Schmidt et al.

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Effects of Dobutamin on a Pulse-Transit-Time based blood pressure determination in relation to intra-arterial standard

Mendoza Y., Konermann M., 35. Wissenschaftlicher Kongresses der Deutschen Hochdruckliga
e.V. DHL® - Deutschen Gesellschaft für Hypertonie und Prävention, Köln 2011

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Arousal-reaction and changes of body-position cause deviations of the 24h-RR-blood-pressure-records during sleep

Hypertension Congress, Bochum (Germany), 2007
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Indirect measurement of arterial blood pressure using Pulse Transit Time (PTT)

International Congress "Hypertension and the kidney", Vienna (Austria), 2007
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A new method for noninvasive blood pressure measurement using pulse transition time

DGSM, 2005
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