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27/05/2018 International

SOMNOscreen™ plus




SOMNOwatch™ Aktographie Set

EEG- /EOG-Combi-Sensor

For SOMNOscreen™ plus or SOMNOscreen™ EEG 32, complete with corresponding software module

The EEG/EOG Combi Electrode can be used for the simplified recording of the Sleep Profile through the single EEG (incl. Reference) and two EOG signals (left & right).

Disposable electrodes are used to apply this sensor.

Art.No.: SEN617 (Cable length 120 cm)







SOMNOtouch™ 1 channel EEG

1 channel EEG option for SOMNOtouch™ RESP. Scope of delivey includes one pack of disposable electrodes


Art.Nr.:  TOS041

Simplified ambulatory sleep scoring

Combi-Electrode for SOMNOtouch™ RESP.
1 EEG / 2 EOG Combi Sensor (3 channels, refence included) with built in light sensor and activation of EEG module in Software.

Art.Nr.: TOS051

6 channel EEG Headbox

6-channel EEG option for SOMNOtouch RESP. With 6-channel EEG module (6 EEG, 1 EMG/EKG, Impedance control), Activation of EEG option (based on serial number), 10 GRASS gold plated EEG cup electrodes (10 mm with hole, Cable length: 76 cm)

Art.Nr.: TOS091



SOMNOwatch™ plus




SOMNOwatch™ Aktographie Set

SOMNOwatch™ plus EEG Sensor Kit

Contains an EEG Sensor, Thoracic Belt L, Body Belt Mount and 30 disposable snap electrodes

Art.No.: SOW140

Art.No.: SOW141
(with extra long 2 m cable for simultaneous PLM + EEG-Recording)