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27/05/2018 International

SOMNOscreen™ plus




Active PLM/EMG Sensor

This Active Electrode (EMG) is used for the measurement of Leg Activity. The simultaneous placement of these electrodes on both left and right leg provides a more accurate analysis of PLM. Measuring both legs increases the diagnostic value and allows for a definitive result.

The Active Electrode is placed in the area of the Anterior Tibialis muscle approximately halfway between the knee and ankle with disposable electrodes.

Art.No.: SEN624 (Cable length145 cm)

Active PLM/EMG Sensor (Pediatric)

This Active PLM/EMG Sensor is used for Pediatric Measurements.

Requires [SEN020] – Pediatric Electrodes

Art.No.: SEN614 (Cable length 80 cm)

Activity Sensor

Activity Sensor (3-axis) for the measurement of Motor Activity.
The signals from this sensor can also be used to determine the Sleep/Wake phase and can be configured in the Sleep/Wake settings.
It is preferable to place this Sensor on the back of the non-dominant hand.

Art.No.: SEN6 20 (Cable length 100 cm)

Movement Sensor for PLM

This Movement Sensor (sensitive in 3-axis) is commonly used to measure the leg activity.
Here, we also recommend the use of 2 electrodes applied simultaneously to each leg to improve the accuracy of the analysis.
In contrast to the Active Electrode, this electrode is fitted to the top of the foot.

Art.No.: SEN6210 (Cable length 145 cm)








PLM Sensor for SOMNOtouch™ RESP

2 channels

Art.Nr.: TOS110



SOMNOwatch™ plus




SOMNOwatch™ plus PLM / Acti Sensor Kit

Contains an external actimeter for PLM measurements on the second leg, Foot Strap

Art.No.: SOW 115

SOMNOwatch™ plus PLM / EMG Sensor Kit

Contains an EMG sensor for PLM measurements on the second leg, 30 disposable snap electrodes

Art.No.: SOW 116