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19/08/2018 International

For more complex set ups several
SOMNOwatch™ plus devices can be used simultaneously on one patient, e.g. PLM together with a 1-Channel EEG can be used to detect arousals from PLMs.

SOMNOwatch™ plus

The SOMNOwatch™ plus is a powerful, miniaturised, multi channel recorder which is as comfortable and user-friendly as a watch.

As any multi-channel system, the SOMNOwatch™ plus can replace several common devices while providing excellent signal quality. The SOMNOwatch™ plus can be used for Actigraphy in order to determine Circadian Rhythm, PLM detection, Tremor Analysis, Single Channel ECG and EEG recording, Body Temperature, Respiratory Screening with Flow & Snoring, Body Position, and Sleep/Wake Analysis.



Tremor Analysis


(Flow and Snore)

Long-Term ECG

Sleep Profile 

(Wake, REM,1 ,2 3, 4)