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19/08/2018 International


Circadian Rhythm

The SOMNOwatch™ plus is worn on the non-dominant arm for recording and recognition of the Sleep/Wake Rhythm. The activity is measured in epochs of 1 to 120 seconds and plotted as an Actigraphy Profile. Through the integrated light Sensor the relevant measurement period (time in bed) is determined. As a result disorders of the Circadian Rhythm, e.g. for shift workers or pilots, can be documented.

Actigraphy Report Overview

Fig.: Actigraphy-Day-Profile of 10 Days with Jetlag-Reaction after Transatlantic Flight
Fig.: Sleep/Wake Profile


For Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD), the SOMNOwatch™ plus can be used to diagnose and monitor the therapy of hyperactive children. Certain periods can be assigned to specific events, such as School, School Breaks and leisure time.

  • Long-term Actigraphy with Light Sensor und Event Marker
  • Average Motor Activity for different operations





To get important Motor Activity performance information during Sport and Exercise, the SOMNOwatch™ plus can be worn on the arm, leg, or body. Additionally, the SOMNOwatch™ plus can also record ECG. The software synchronizes Heart Rate with Motor Activity. The correlation of Motor Activity and Cardiovascular Stress is very important for optimising and monitoring exercise and rehabilitation progress.

Fig.: Raw data: ECG, Heart Rate, Motor Activity