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19/08/2018 International

PLM / RLS Recorder

Applied to the ankle, the SOMNOwatch™ plus can continuously record Leg Movement for up to 5 nights. It can differentiate between standing and lying using the integrated position sensor. With adjustable parameters, the software automatically recognises PLM movement patterns and evaluates the PLM index. For RLS-rating (Restless Legs) the Motor activity is quantified.
For an extended diagnosis the correlation of PLMs and Cortical Micro Arousals can be detected by using the EEG Derivation (optional).
For the detection of PLM on both legs, an external movement sensor can be fixed on the second leg, and work simultaneously with the SOMNOwatch™ plus.
The SOMNOwatch™ plus is validated for the detection of periodic leg movements*.

*Benes H. at all, Validation of the new actigraphy system SOMNOwatch™ for the measurement of periodic leg movements, 2. Weltkongress der Schlafmedizin (WASM), Bangkok (Thailand), 2007.

Fig.: Periodic Leg Movements of both legs

Isolated Leg Movement
Periodic Leg Movement
Fig.: PLM-Analysis

PLM is split up in hours to differentiate patients with maximum PLM-Activity at the beginning of the night (Type 1) and the end of the night (Type 2). This information is decisive for medication regarding Resorption Rate and Half-Life.

Literature: Clarenbach P., Müller M., Restless Legs Syndrom, Bremen, 2000, Uni-Med Verlag