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19/08/2018 International


Sleep Recorder and Long-Term EEG

Sleep Recorder

If additionally to the SOMNOwatch™ plus Actigraphy an EEG is recorded, next to Sleep/Wake a complete differentiation of the Sleep Stages in REM, 1, 2, 3 and Stage 4 can be made.

Abb.: EEG Sleep Stage Wake
Abb.: 1-Channel EEG FP1/A2; automatic detection of Spindles and K-Complexes

Long-Term EEG

With very little effort, the SOMNOwatch™ plus can record a single channel EEG for up to 18 hours. The artefact identification is clearly improved by the simultaneous recording of Motor Activity. For an optimized analysis, the raw data is represented in the different EEG frequency bands. Spindles, K-complexes, and Micro Arousals are automatically scored.

• 1-Channel EEG, up to 18 hours
• FFT Module for Sequential Frequency Analysis of the Raw Data
• Spectral Analysis of Alpha, Beta, Delta and Average Frequency Value (AFV)
• Micro Arousal Analysis to the ASDA-Criteria
• Sleep Fragmentation
• Artefact Detection

Abb.: EEG Sleep Profile

Sleep Walking

SOMNOwatch™ plus is an excellent device for detecting this sleep disorder, as up to 14 days of Body Position, Light, and Motor Activity can be recorded. The report discriminates between lying left, right, supine, prone, upright and walking.