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19/08/2018 International

Tremor Analysis

The high frequency acquisition of movement enables SOMNOwatch™ plus to make a very accurate frequency analysis using FFT. The recording of tremor intensity and tremor frequency can be achieved over a long period of time. This parameter can be used for the medical diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Automatic Analysis-Software

  • Programmable, delayed autostart
  • Spectral Analysis to detect tremor
  • Easy determination of Frequency and Intensity in the Tremor Spectrum
  • Fast results output in tabular or graphic format
  • Export to Mircrosoft EXCEL
Fig.: Frequenzy, x-, y-, z-Axis
Fig.: 3D view of the frequency spectrum for the elapsed time

Differential Diagnosis by Frequency Analysis


  1. Power in complete Frequency-Band
  2. Power in highlighted Tremor Frequency-Band
  3. Average Tremor-Frequency and Amplitude




Medical Adjustment

  • Determination of General Bradykinesia, fluctuation of flexibility during the day and Hyperkinesia
  • Optimisation of Medication


Synchronised Recording

With the SOMNOwatch™ plus and an external sensor, a synchronised recording of Head Tremor and Hand Tremor is possible.