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DOMINO 3.0 released!

DOMINO diagnostic software from somnomedics. Powerful, configurable and easy to use.
Domino start screen logo

DOMINO 3.0 has been released – all new features including but not limited too the following:

  1. Further support for SOMNOtouch RESP PSG. 
  2. Allow the user to now enter free text directly in the report view
  3. Threshold for summary graphic can be now be stevia the report
  4. Export the report as a Word document
  5. Filtering References
  6. Shortcuts for switching between display profiles and between 30 sec and 5 min time bases
  7. Anonymization of folder and file names by patient and measurement ID
  8. Cutting HomeSleepCam Videos
  9. Display of an FFT when marking an EEG raw data area
  10. Utilization of 64 bit systems, i. DOMINO can use more RAM. For this, the system requirements have increased (including 64 bit operating system.
  11. Easier to recognise the DOMINO version immediately in the new panel, which also no longer contains the date, but a fourth version number, which indicates the bug fix release.

As always if you have any questions or need support with DOMINO 3.0 please do not hesitate to contact your local dealer or SOMNOmedics GmbH directly.