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lic2® electrode cream: a superior electrode cream leads to a better diagnosis

best alternative for attaching electrodes? – SOMNOmedics offers a particularly good solution for the attachment of cup electrodes: lic2® electrode cream. Better impedance, more resistance to heat and sweat, and easier removal are just a few reasons why you’ll want to use lic2® for your EEG exams in the near future. And another reason: until January 31, 2019, we have a special introductory offer.

Have you noticed that your usual electrode cream is no longer available and are looking for alternatives? Well look no further! SOMNOmedics is pleased to offer you the best alternative for attaching electrodes in routine EEG, long-term EEG, long-term video EEG, epilepsy EEG and sleep EEG / PSG.

Why the best alternative? Compared to other common electrode creams, lic2® has significantly improved electrode impedance* and is more resistant to body temperature and perspiration. After the examination, the patient will thank you for the properties it contains to make it easier to remove and those same properties makes it particularly suitable for long-term EEG examinations.

Each box contains 10 x 100g (3.5 oz.)  Tubes of paste.

Why not try it out? – Order until January 31, 2019 and receive a special discount. The offer can be found in our online shop HERE or you can print a fax order form HERE.


* comparison of 34 PSG measurements; number of samples N = 132, T-test with p <0.05 (data on file)