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Dr Michael Popp lecturing in poland on cuffless blood pressure monitoring

Dr Michael Popp lecturing in Poland on Cuffless Blood Pressure Monitoring

Our very own Dr Michael Popp was invited to give a talk about Blood pressure and news proven ways to measure it at the Polish Society of Hypertension on the 19th Oct 2018 (Polskiego Towarzystwa Nadciśnienia Tętniczego)  – The lecture was about SOMNOmedics novel approach to measuring blood pressure. Dr Popp discussed the SOMNOtouch™ NIBP, the latest generation of ambulatory blood pressure recording, from SOMNOmedics. It measures blood pressure continuously, beat-to-beat, based on the pulse transit time (PTT), which is determined by a 3-lead ECG and the photoplethymogram from the finger clip. Our unique method is patented and clinically validated according to the European Society of Hypertension International Protocol (revision 2010). Paper can be found here. 

The rest of the program was excellent and it was a privilege to be invited and we look forward to continuing our support of the Polskiego Towarzystwa Nadciśnienia Tętniczego (Polish Society of Hypertension) now and in the future.