SOMNOmedics provides the only polygraph with colour touch display available in the market. Being the smallest polygraph on the market makes it ideal for both adult and paediatric applications. In addition to the required signals – respiratory flow and snoring, respiratory movements, oxygen saturation and heart rate and body position – the SOMNOtouch™ impresses with an integrated actigraphy sensor: Together with the determination of the body position, a detailed sleep-wake assessment can be made, which allows to clearly differentiate between sleep and wake.

The base unit already has 10 channels integrated. External sensors can be connected via the two lateral AUX connections, for example, to additionally record ECG, PLM, EEG, EOG or EMG.

Other HIGHLIGHTS of our Polygraphy category include:

  • Low running costs thanks to built in rechargeable battery
  • Patented technology for continuous, undisturbed blood pressure during sleep
  • Exceptionally small (74 x 55 x 16mm) and lightweight (64g)
  • Easy, PC independent handling with colour touch display
  • Automatic software analysis with direct reporting
  • Intelligent Connect: Automatic sensor detection – making montages a thing of the past
  • Paediatric application
  • Direct CPAP titration
The SOMNOtouch RESP - proven to be the smallest most portable polysomnograph device in the marker today


The SOMNOtouch™ RESP – the smallest touch screen PG device on the market today – it is also the easiest to operate and the cheapest to use. Find out why….