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Our experience in the field of sleep medicine which naturally includes the recording of neurologically relevant parameters enabled us to extend into this exciting field of application.

SOMNOmedics offers mobile and flexible solutions for 24-hour long-term EEG and epilepsy screening as well as portable battery-based EEG, Holter EEG and systems for tremor and PLM analysis. Starting with ´easy to set-up` 6-channel EEG up to complex 32-channel EEG applications with photic stimulation and video recording – we will find the perfect solution for your diagnostic needs.

All our devices are small and portable and therefore can be used at

the hospital as well as in the patients’ home. Thanks to wireless data transfer in real time all the recorded data gets transferred directly to the PC; a signal check is possible at any time. Excellent signal quality is an obsession of ours. We ensure this, inter alia, with continuous impedance check, active sensors and ECG wavelet elimination as a default.

Optionally, you can measure additional parameters such as body position, movement, ECG, EMG or blood pressure with all our devices. This will give you additional information for an advanced diagnosis.

Please find below our solutions in the neurological field of application: