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Simplified Sleep Staging

With simplified sleep staging – SOMNOmedics has closed the gap between Polygraphy and Polysomnography by adding a simplified sensor, that records a 1 channel EEG combined with a 2 channel EOG. That sensor can be easily applied by the patient with a self-adhesive disposable electrode. As a result the combined sensor module is as simple to apply and manage as polygraphy but the results very close to being as informative as a Polysomnography. This is an ideal solution for doctors who do not have the reimbursement for a full PSG but occasionally need sleep staging data. 

Ross Phillips


  • Low running costs thanks to built in rechargeable battery
  • Upgradeable to full PSG
  • Patented technology for continuous cuff-less undisturbed blood pressure recording during sleep
A SOMNOtouch in a simplified sleep configuration for sleep staging assessment

SOMNOtouch™ RESP + Simplified Sleep

With the simplified sleep staging combination sensor, we offer additional information on the sleep stages for our SOMNOtouch™ RESP. The application remains as easy to perform as a polygraphy but nearly as informative as a polysomnograph – here you can find out more.