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SOMNOmedics Videos now on Vimeo!

SOMNOmedics videos - We have moved to vimeo from youtube


SOMNOmedics Videos are now on VIMEO!

Youtube have recently charged the terms and conditions of hosting videos – which means at the end of each video you now get a choice to look at other videos as recommended by YOUTUBE – We think that if you have watched a video on sleep diagnostics you may not want to watch a cat video directly after…..As such we have moved our entire video collection to Vimeo:

We will of-course remain on Youtube and continue to update our video Channel – but for all our embedded content we will use Vimeo.

You can also look forward to more videos this year – we are already working on application plans and marketing videos on each of our newer product range (SOMNO HD, SOMNO HD Eco etc) and we will notify you as soon as they are finished.

Until then – here is a sample video about our cuffless blood pressure measurement that you can find on the SOMNOmedics Vimeo channel.

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