The 2018 International Sales Meeting

Various photos from the recent SOMNOmedics 2018 International sales meeting

Various photos from the recent SOMNOmedics 2018 International sales meeting

It was that time of year again already! This weekend just gone the headquarters of SOMNOmedics was once again the meeting place for dealers and their employees from all over the world. All international partners – from Chile to India, from Japan to Norway – meet in Randersacker to learn about the latest developments from SOMNOmedics.

“Our annual International Sales Meetings is one of the most important communication and information channels,” explains CEO Dr. Gert Küchler. This year’s Sales Meeting was themed “Grow with us”. And judging by the sales results so far this year – the theme was already a hot topic among our dealers!

With 47 participants from 30 countries, this year’s Sales Meeting was particularly interesting for our distributors – and the Grow with us theme must have particularly resonated with attendees – as a new attendance record was set. Special mention must go to our Japanese distributor, Fukuda Sangyo, who had 5 team members attend for various business activities before, during and after the meeting. Also our South Korean dealer Mr. Daniel Ma from VitalCare and our Irish dealer Mr. Diarmuid Morrissey from Direct Medical for winning the prestigious outstanding sales awards!

The agenda was as usual full – with updates on our existing product range – including a new longer life battery for our SOMNOscreen plus, a walk through of our DOMINO 3.0 software, new sensor combinations and much more besides.

Of course the main theme was our product pipeline presentations where Dr Küchler spoke about new Cardiology products, as well as our home Sleep Test to help our dealers continue to offer the most innovative diagnostic devices available.

New growth opportunities are emerging for our distributors through three new products, which will be available for sale at the beginning of 2019: For polysomnography, the SOMNO ™ HD high-end line will be complemented by a more cost-efficient version, the SOMNO ™ HD eco. It is aimed at customers who value the excellent signal quality and ease of use of the SOMNO™ HD, but do not require the on-board display. For direct signal control, a tablet PC is of course available. The SOMNOtouch ™ RESP family of products is also being supplemented with a low-cost version without a display. Named the SOMNOtouch ™ RESP eco it offers simple Polygraph functionality.

The SOMNOtouch portfolio is also being expanded in another direction: the SOMNOtouch™ PSG is currently the smallest polysomnography device with which a complete PSG can be made.

In the Sunday Hands-On Session, the participants of the Sales Meeting were also able to try out the devices themselves. Of course, it was not ALL work work work – as usual we had an evening of fun and entertainment starting with mulled wine on the terrace followed by the first ever SOMNOmedics Pub quiz (we even had a pub quiz jingle!) – Which brought out the competitiveness in our dealers. With a selection of local Franconian wines and excellent food it was not long before everyone was socializing and having fun.

Sunday was spent mostly with various hands on sessions and a lively exchange among the dealers.

On behalf of SOMNOmedics GmbH we would like to thank all the dealers for attending and look forward to next year’s installment!