Visit SOMNOmedics at MEDICA2018 – Hall 9/B41

SOMNOmedics at MEDICA 2018 - So many people at the SOMNOmedics stand this year 2018. showcasing our newest sleep diagnostic products like SOMNO HD eco, SOMNOtouch RESP eco and ABPM pro. Why not visit us.

SOMNOmedics 2018 stand at the 2018 MEDICA – Hall 9 stand B41

SOMNOmedics is once again at a very busy #MEDICA2018 in Hall 9 stand B41. Our stand has been a hive of activity with all our staff busy showcasing our innovative and portable diagnostic devices in #sleepdiagnostics #cardiology and #neurology.

We have a whole host of new and exciting products on our stand this year. For PSG – the SOMNO ™ HD eco is aimed at customers who value the excellent signal quality and ease of use of the SOMNO™ HD, but do not require the on-board display. The SOMNOtouch ™ RESP family of products is also being supplemented with a low-cost version without a display. Named the SOMNOtouch ™ RESP eco it offers simple Polygraph functionality. In Neurology and sleep we have the HomeSleepTest – an truely new direction to help bring clarity to sleep staging in the comfort of the patients own home.

We also have our cardio diagnostic portfolio available – highlighting our cuff-less blood pressure monitor and our newest addition to this family the ABPM pro. bring the best of cuff and cuff less technology together for a world first. With staff from Norway, Finland, India, Germany and the UK we can be sure we speak your language when it comes to all your diagnostic requirements.

We look forward to seeing you over the next 2 days! #cardiology #bloodpressure #functionality #sleep #medicaldevices #hypertension