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Whats it like to work for SOMNOmedics?

Looking for a new career? why not come and work for SOMNOmedics? A job, opportunity at SOMNOmedics might just be the thing you need to better develop your career. Cool company in Randersacker and würzburg!
Looking for a new career? why not come and work for SOMNOmedics?

Want to work in a company that not only values talent and entrepreneurship – but also a company that offers outstanding working benefits as well as a cool working environment?

SOMNOmedics may well have the answer. As a company we continually evolve and remain fluid in our outlook to ensure our employees remain happy, productive and engaged for the long term.

In light of this we have recently `bucked the trend` and reduced the working hours for our employees. Employees who have worked with us for 10 years or more they work one hour less again per week to reward their continued commitment. And finally for our more mature team members whose 60 years or more of experience is always coveted – we offer a 4 day working week. Of course our flexible working hours for all our staff continues to operate and allows different life styles and out of work commitments to be catered to.

As we are a global company operating in many international markets we had to do a little `outside-the-box` thinking when it came to our 24h technical support department. In the past the team have taken shifts to man the phones outside of our office working hours. Now the team member who is on-call can work from home. Allowing them to be more comfortable and therefore more effective during these necessary but unsociable hours.

We did not stop changing there. SOMNOmedics believes that a good work/life balance and a comfortable working environment leads to a more productive and successful workplace. With that in mind, last year, we opened the SOMNOmedics garden. As it flourishes at the base of the Randersacker vineyards we continue to add features that benefit our team. With a new BBQ area, volley ball net, pitch and putt and outdoor table tennis table it’s a wonder we get any work done at all! The rumours that we will be installing a school style bell to notify the staff that the break is over are as yet unfounded!

Talking of pleasant environments – we also take the great outdoors, and our impact on it, seriously. Our company carbon footprint is already as small as possible with geothermal heating and solar but we have also recently added 2 x electric cars to our company fleet. A VW Up! and a Tesla model 3 are just the start of a project to eventually convert the whole fleet of company cars to hybrid electric.

Finally as a high tech company we love a gadget! And things that improve efficiency and communication are always high on the agenda. For these reason we recently installed a number of Clevertouch™ presentation monitors allowing each and every meeting to be taken to a new level of productivity. Among many other features the monitors allow meeting attendees to annotate directly onto the screen as well as share and collaborate these notes to other team members quickly and easily.

We think SOMNOmedics offers a range of benefits that helps bring out the best in our employees. However we never sit still and continue to look for new ways to improve each and every team member’s working day to help them remain engaged and happy while they are with us throughout the day.